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Born December 26, 1959 in the middle of the countryside in Tielen in Flemish Belgium has a strong link with the land.

She is a contemporary sculptor and painter of international renown. She lives and works in Gierle in Belgian Flanders. Anita Fleerackers was trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and the Academy of Fine Arts in Turnhout as well as several renowned sculptors. She is a member of the "Royal Association of Visual Artists of Belgium"

Anita FLEERACKERS overflows with vitality and it is this inexhaustible strength that she prints to her works. She works tirelessly and explores all techniques. That she shapes the earth, the bronze, the painting, she transmits to the matter the energy which characterizes it, accusing the form by these lines of forces which sign her creations. His source of inspiration is his immediate surroundings, living together, the search for harmony. Anita's sculptures are full of elegance and sensuality and exude a great emotional force revealed by the flamboyant colors of cooking fire.

Anita FLEERACKERS has received numerous awards and honors throughout her career, exhibiting in prestigious galleries in Belgium, France, Holland and Canada, and is a regular participant in major international art fairs.

Anita Fleerackers

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