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Ian jones is an Illustrator based in Nottingham,

He has drawn and painted all of his life working closely between traditional and digital methods employing a variety of techniques including photoshop graphics, ink sticks and spray paints.  It has been said that the images bridge the gap between abstract and figurative painting, creating a landscape that simultaneously reflects reality and fantasy.

Ian likes to work intuitively and instinctively, and texture and controlled chaos is one of the most important elements within his canvases with strong influences; Mythology, Shamanism, Comic Books, Graffiti and Tribal Art.

Artist statement - I'm a big fan of both traditional and digital techniques and utilise both in my practice, I don't believe that one is superior to the other. There is nothing quite like getting your hands dirty and (quite literally) throwing paint around, but then there is something very pure about creating work digitally, you are in effect painting with light, with electricity, manipulating and sculpting that which isn’t truly tangible”.

Ian Jones

Ian jones is an Illustrator based in Nottingham,<br />