News and Events

Matt Jordan

Solo Exhibition!!

28 Apr 2011 To 05 May 2011

Matt continues to inspire us with his colourful but political ensemble of magical art! Gritty undercurrent arguments wrestle with a comical assault of colour, style and passion. Everyone is welcome to join us in the gallery, Thursday 28th April 6pm until 8pm for drinks, amazing artwork and the chance to meet the artist! Show runs until 5th may. RSVP.

Jon Burgerman

19 Feb 2011 To 27 Feb 2011

Jon Burgerman is an artist’s of incredible intellect and talent! Although born in Birmingham he has spent his life in Nottingham aided by his trusty pen and ability to ‘doodle’ he has really done our city proud! Famous all over the world he has moved to New York where his work is now selling in some very notable galleries in Manhattan! Sadly Jon can’t be with us this month; however he has shipped some exceptional work, typical in style, colourful and playful. Jon’s latest collection will be on display from the 20th until 27th and will comprise of exclusive original pieces including two from "Sold Out' limited edition prints...!

Steve Dilks

Nottingham Graffiti Artisit

15 Dec 2010 To 24 Dec 2010

Wednesday 15th December presents the start of something very special! The first ever exhibition by Nottingham legend Steve Dilks! Dilks (his tagging name) has been painting on walls of Nottingham and around the world for the past 25 years! He is one of the most highly regarded in the business. Dilks is often asked to paint or judge ‘graffiti’ competitions in Asia and the US. In the late 1970’s graffiti was becoming a phenomena with public figures such as Michael Jackson and Debbie Harry hailing the new movement! A decade later its popularity dwindled due to the development of urban or stencil art, however ‘Graffiti’ is back! Top galleries in both London and New York are tipping their collectors and the art market towards a graffiti rival. Dilks will be displaying a number of spray paint originals and sketches. Full of colour and life and with his own unique style the show is set to be very exciting! Private view – Wednesday 15th December 5pm until 8pm.