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Exhibition – Russell Hatton

A Solo exhibition of works by critically acclaimed artist, Russell Hatton

21 May 2016 To 27 May 2016

Russell Hatton, an artist of great intrigue. Inspired by purists like Mark Rothko and postmodernists architecture, Russell has spent several years developing his skills, researching and examining the science behind reactionary behaviour of paint on aluminium with breath taking results.

Artist Appearance
Saturday 21st May, 1pm until 4pm. Come and meet the artist. Witness breath taking new works.

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Duo exhibition with Jane Thomson and Donna Rumble-Smith

16 Apr 2016 To 22 Apr 2016

'Held' will be a show displaying the various sides of these two Artisans, this reflective exhibition aims to share the scope and diversity of intricate work, showing just how much can be achieved using unique and experimental techniques.

Donna Rumble - Smith, in order to create her works, hand stitched threads are intricately and meticulously woven into paper. The basis of which have been painted or imprinted upon. The guise has a strong emphasis on city living, beautiful buildings that adorn our skyline.

Jane Thomson, Pours an amass of collage, poetry edit and paint onto paper. Artworks are heavily worked and only realized through careful contemplation.

Artist Appearance
Both artists will be in the gallery from 1pm until 4pm on Saturday 16th April. This will be rare chance to witness breath taking and complex original art.

Exhibition – Saturday 2nd April until Wednesday 6th April.

A Solo exhibition of works by critically acclaimed artist, Nick Holdsworth

02 Apr 2016 To 07 Apr 2016

Come and meet the artist. Witness breath taking new works.
Developed work inspired by the colour, vibrancy and energy of the human form.

Graphic artist and designer Nick Holdsworth has spent much of his career within the fashion and design industry. He uses a mix of pixelated images, silk screen, paint and air brush techniques to create his artwork. Nick ventured into the fine art world with instant success by creating works unveiling images with two different perspectives. Large in scale, he mounts thousands of pictures on top of each other which when completed create an unmistakable likeness to any one of his chosen icons.

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Artist Appearance
Saturday 2nd April – 1pm until 4pm

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